Air Operated Truck Tire Vulcanizer

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  • The ultimate flexibility in tire repair!
  • The only spotter in the market that handles tread, shoulder and sidewall repairs on all kinds of tires from low profile to super singles. Easily adapts to future tire sizes simply by changing contour plates.
  • Patented piston/pad system for expert repairs even by novice operators
  • Inside-outside heat system
  • Spring loaded mechanical pressure with solid heat units for tread and should repairs
  • Extremely economical - no expensive air bags to replace
  • Optional large-capacity stand support both tire and vulcanizer with dual 16" rollers for easy tire rotation
 Curing Head Throat Depth Throat Height Throat Height B Voltage Options
3" to 6" 11.5"
24.5" - 120V or 240V


Box Quantity: 1pc

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